1. Purpose of Collecting and Use of Personal Data

The association obtains personal data such as name, gender, date of birth, address, phone number and Email address only by fair, appropriate means. The association utilizes personal data within the scope of the intended use that is clearly communicated to customers and takes measures not to use it out of the purpose.

2. Provision of Personal Data to Third Parties

The association does not disclose or provide personal data provided by customers to any third parties, except when with the consent of the customer from whom the data obtained, or when there is a legitimate reason.

3. Management and Protection of Personal Data

The association strives to enforce safety procedures which are appropriate and rational from both technical and administrative aspects in order to store and administer personal data properly and carefully and to prevent leakage, loss, or damage of it. If there should occur any leakage, loss or damage of personal data, the association will take necessary and appropriate countermeasures and correcting measures immediately.

4. Continuous Improvement of Personal Data Management System

The association will improve the personal data protection management system on an ongoing basis by conducting timely and appropriate reviews.

5. Request for Disclosure, etc.

The association responds without delay to request for disclosure of personal data by the person from whom the data was obtained, complaints, or consultations. When requested to correct, add, or delete such retained personal data as may lead to the identification of the person concerned on the ground that the retained personal data is contrary to the fact, we will, except in cases in which special procedures are prescribed by any other laws for such correction, addition, or deletion, make a necessary investigation. Be aware that if customer identification cannot be confirmed, requests will be rejected.

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  • Date of Effect: April 20, 2016