What is a Michi-no-Eki?

A Michi-no-Eki, literally means Road Station, is a roadside area for those driving across Japan.
Michi-no-Eki are located along national highways and provide free parking space, restrooms, and regional and tourist information for road travelers.

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The name Sasebox is a compound word of Sasebo and Treasure Box. 99 means countless in Japanese. This is a treasure box-like place which is packed with countless Sasebo’s charms.

We are located at Ainoura/Nakazato I.C. in Sasebo City, Nagasaki Prefecture and can make your trip safer and more enjoyable. Stop and stretch. Use the restrooms. You’ll be refreshed and more alert when you get back behind the wheel.

Parking Lot Parking Lot

Just a 5-minute drive from Sasebo City downtown
Parking Lot: 92 cars

  • Rest Rooms

    Rest Rooms
    Wheel Chair Rest Rooms

  • Tourist Information and Lounge

    Tourist Information & Lounge
    ( Free Wi-Fi )

  • Food Court

    Food Court:
    7:00 am – 3:00 pm

  • Local Specialty Shop

    Local Specialty Shop:
    9:00 am – 6:00 pm

  • EV Charger

    EV Charger: 2

  • Event Room

    Event Room

Mikawachi Ware Miura-Cho Catholic Church Red Brick Warehouses Red Brick Warehouses


Great Reasons
to Visit

Sasebo Burger Champon Saikai Satsuma Orange Sasebo Burger Champon


Sasebo Local Specialties Are Available.

Sasebox 99 is stocked with yummy delicacies and souvenirs of Sasebo. They are great for presents and the prices are quite reasonable.

  • Mikawachi Ware:

    Mikawachi Ware:

    Mikawachi Ware is extremely white porcelain that is usually decorated with miniature-style paintings of Chinese children, landscapes, trees and flowers. This porcelain was used as gifts for the Imperial Court, the Shogun and powerful feudal lords.

  • Sechibaru Green Tea:

    Sechibaru Green Tea:

    Sechibaru is one of the most well-known green tea production areas in Japan. Blessed with the topographical advantages, fresh air and clear water, Sechibaru’s green tea is famous for its rich flavor with little bitterness or astringency.


Hot Meals Are Waiting For You.

Sasebox 99 food court serves a wide variety of dishes ranging from famous Champon noodles to lemon steak to fresh sashimi rice bowl.

  • Sasebo Burger:

    Sasebo Burger:

    After World War II, Sasebo’s restaurant owners learned how to make an American-style hamburger directly from American Navy sailors. Since then the Sasebo burger has become very popular throughout Japan.

  • Champon:


    Thick Chinese noodles, meat, seafood, a heap of vegetables in a chicken or
    pork broth soup.

  • Lemon Steak:

    Lemon Steak:

    The soy-sauce-based sauce with a lemon flavor is poured on a hot
    grilled thin-sliced beef and its aroma arouses the appetite.

  • Sasebo Navy Soft Ice Cream:

    Sasebo Navy Soft Ice Cream:

    A cold specialty is also waiting for you.
    Sasebo Navy Soft Ice Cream: Soft ice cream topped with sweetened Azuki red beans


Tourist Information Is Available.

An English-speaking staffer provides detailed information on sightseeing, attractions, traditional events, transportation, dining, shopping, accommodations, and so on.
Free brochures and maps are also available.


Rest Rooms, Parking Lot & Lounge.

Each toilet is equipped with a heated electronic seat and seat sanitizers. Of course, wheelchair-friendly cubicles are available.

The Former Imperial Japanese Navy Triumphal Return Memorial Hall 99-Island Oyster 99-Island Kuroshima Catholic Church 99-Island Tiger Puffer Hario Wireless Towers 99-Island Dried Small Sardines


Address: 11 Atago-cho, Sasebo-city, Nagasaki
Phone:0956-42-6077 / Fax:0956-42-6078 Phone:0956-42-6077